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Mustard head 30 x40cm, oil on canvas

Untitled 80 x100 cm,oil on canvas

White crown 80 x100 cm,oil on canvas

Black Roots x120 cm,oil on canvas

Wind cm, oil on canvas

Storm in a cup of tea 20x30 cm, oil on canvas

salvation - 180 x180 cm - oil on canvas 2009_edited

rage against the machine, 110 x100 cm-oil on canvas, 2011

swamp - 120 x100 cm - oil on canvas 2009_edited

Untitled 25 x25 cm, oil on canvas

Inland terror 180x180 cm,oil on canvas

king of the swamp 40 x50 cm, spray and oil on canvas

right light 100 x110 cm,oil on canvas

Blue Moon 110 x190 cm,oil on canvas

Untitled Watercolour on paper, 30X 40cm

-narcissus-100 x100 cm-oil on canvas-2011

untitled 60x70 cm- oil on canvas- 2010

The Car

Self portrait as a chair

Alaska 120 x150 cm,oil on canvas

calcification 85 x90 cm,oil on canvas

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