In Isolation

A series of work documenting my life in quarantine, starting at the beginning of the lockdown in the UK on 23rd of March - until today and ongoing. Triggered by isolating alone and spending a lot of time in my house with only my dog as my companion and without accesses to my studio, these works reflect on notions of loneliness, fear, curiosity and self healing. They are an image diary of self observation and self examination during this unusual time of a pandemic.

I am going to be updating this page with new works every week or two.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks, please get in touch:



The Artist Support Pledge

is an online initiative to help artists to show and sale their work during these challenging times.

It came as a response to the financial hardship experienced by many artists following the lockdown.

This great initiative was started by one artist; Matthew Burrows. The word spread very quickly and there are now over 100,000 posts and it has generated an estimated £20 million for artists and makers across the globe.


The idea is simple:

Artists are selling their artworks at affordable prices; £200 pound is the maximum price per work.

When an artist reach £1000 they buy an art work from a fellow artist

This why artists are being supported and they are also able to support each other.

You can listen to a podcast of Matthew Burrows talks about starting a movement with #artistsupportpledge :

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have found themselves without work, teaching, technical support, gallery work. Exhibitions and sales have disappeared. In an attempt to help alleviate some of this stress @matthewburrowsstudio has instigated the ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE #artistsupportpledge
The concept is a simple one. You post images of your work you are willing to sell for no more than £200 each (not including shipping.) Every time you reach £1000 of sales you pledge to buy another artist's work for £200.

This creates a dynamic culture and market, where all can contribute, whatever their level of success. This is a culture dependent on the honesty and generosity of our artistic communities at every level.