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Tipolet is a duo project created and lead by the artists Noga Shatz and Shahar Yahalom. Curator : Nogh Davidson. 

Tipolet project examined new ways of engaging with a 'white cube' gallery space. The overall project was divided in 2 parts;

The first part took place during the first 2 weeks of our time at the gallery space. The starting point was an empty gallery space. We curated an art program of events and activities in the gallery space, inviting guest artists to collaborate with us on: conversations, improvisational sessions involving musicians and visual artists from a wide range of disciplines, and a music gig night inside the gallery space where live bands were invited to play their set.                                                       


During the  program the space was changing on a regular basis; Equipment was moving in and out of the gallery every day and all the activities were open to the public. Visitors who came to the gallery saw the space changing and transforming every day. The collaborating artists were invited to leave 'marks' in the space and the audience who came by was invited to take part in the musical sessions, print- making workshops and other activities held in the gallery space.

Based on the actions and dialogues during these two weeks, we created a video work based on the performances and improvisational sessions. The video projection was exhibit accompanied by print works and a sculpture created by the lead artists, in the space during the first 2 weeks. The works echo the actions and happenings in the gallery space and the artists' reactions to them.

Tipolet  - Dec 2019 -Jan 2020 | Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Exhibition | collaborative project

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